poetry, paintings and collage:
art by David Wilde
The play of energies in the imagery around us, as we see it in our visual perceptions, has vivid power that clearly and thoroughly reveals the true nature of our whole world within just that one scene. That’s always a delightful experience, though some sets of appearances naturally make this more dynamically obvious.
I am looking for the quality of spaciousness arising from a rich ground with some element of activity that establishes an interconnecting flow of vitality.
Having an open eye, properly focused, and suitable framing to define the context is the natural basis of this approach. The fruition comes in fully sensing the flavour surrounding a direct experience of a unique moment as a truthful presence.
D. Wilde
Not looking elsewhere for a better now
Nor yearning for some imagined, ideal here
Just resting in ease with things as they are
Giving up fear of missing the point
One may relax into delight in the perfection of this very place and moment
Where there is no need of interpretations or embellishment
Everything is naturally singing praises of itself, without restraint.

Appreciating the basic quality of a particular ground allows a view worthy to present.
Opening to that space, the essential elements are all found, naturally residing in their appropriate places.
Diving in to taste the full richness of the situation, elaboration will reveal the depth of subtle connections.
The freedom in expression of that reality, not confused by thought or emotionality, will be a breath of fresh air for the viewer.

David Wilde - Monroe, NH

If you are thinking of printing from the gallery files, you should be aware that the result will never be as vivid as what you see here on a monitor because the light shining up here with the color you are seeing is a direct source.
A print is lighted from an external source that has to be reflected back to you off the mounted paper and also has to get thru the glazing before it reaches your eye. This handicap requires spending a lot of care (and probably money too) in properly matting and framing the print to enhance the dynamic feel of the image, matching the digital splendor displayed on a screen.