Videos by David Wilde

This video art is intended to capture the essential qualities of life in terms of pure visual and auditory perceptions that rely on the inherent character of the images and sounds themselves to transmit a direct feel for the true nature of things as they are beyond overlays of conceptual, linear interpretations. Visual progressions will be much like musical composition and the overall experience like an extended look at a painting.

The sample videos below are being streamed in either 1280x720 pixel resolution for earlier ones or the more recent ones are also available to stream in full HD 1920x1080.
The original recordings are available on Blu-Ray disc at 1920x1080 pixel resolution either individually or combined as single albums or a compilation of albums as shown below:

"First 3 Albums"
contains →
TAKE 3 Album:
"Elementals" 25:59, "Perspectives" 15:30, "Essences" 12:00
"As It Is" 10:30, "WHAT" 9:02, "fashion" 6:03
LUX Album:
"TRANS" 10:30, "Sedux" 4:34, "A-Z" 4:47
"Collected Works"
contains →
VISIONS album:
"SO" 4:11, "This" 4:15, "Bridge" 3:15, "Summerset" 5:06
"Backyard Roaming" 5:07, "powering" 4:03, "Open" 5:15 , "town" 8:42
OPEN EYES album:
"Revelants&&" 5:29, "Into It" 10:07, "Views" 8:13, "Perfect World" 5:53, "Going Nowhere" 6:57
"Seasonals" album
contains →
"Summer River" 7:16, "Revival" 5:09, "Summerset" 5:06, "Fall" 5:55, "Spring Arising" 7:19, "Winter Sinking" 4:14
"6 Art Videos"
album contains →
"Home Light" 5:37, "Lowards" 4:07, "Looks" 5:35, "everyday" 5:28, "lu" 10:42, "Lighten Up" 5:15,
Singles "Regards" 5:59

The options listed above may be purchased as a single, authored 25GB Blu-Ray disc post paid at $22 in the USA or $26USD to any other country. Contact dwilde@mahati.net about which disc you are purchasing and for delivery address. Use the 'Buy Now' Pay Pal button at the bottom of the page to purchase a disc.

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Lighten Up
lu manifests in that part of life which is settling, lower, placid, serene and deep, maybe earthy, slow or stolid
Home Light
Going Nowhere
Perfect World
Into It
Backyard Roaming
Summer River

SummerRiver from David Wilde on Vimeo.

Winter Sinking 4:14
Spring Arising
This: : A journey of wakening to the environment which we are flying in.
fashion:: A view of the raw energies, forms and colors of the world playing their natural part in the dance of all occurrences communicates a sense of serenity and ease of being.
Sedux:: A seduction with the gentle beauty of natural surroundings sets up an open mind to delight in the appearance of junk and trash or even the humor of youthful folly and the faces of humanity all together arriving at graceful serenity.

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WHAT:: What as a question if not answered leaves us drifting in dark lonely lives. Appreciating the reality of what is already there is the answer to leading a rich and joyful life in celebration.
A-Z:: Take a good dose of mayhem in the city; combine with mellow, misty country views; harvest all together to enjoy the rich repast.
TRANS:: A story about communications: where they start, how they move, what it feels like and how they're used.
As It Is
As It Is:: Imaging the characterizations of the four seasons.
Essences:: Seasons, attitudes and elements are explored as they fit together in revealing essences of our moods.