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These photographs listed below, mounted and matted under glass by the artist in framing of the artist's choice, can be purchased at $100. each postpaid shipped to any U.S. address by using the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this page. But before purchasing any artwork from this website, please email dwilde@mahati.net about your intended purchase to be sure it is available and where it will be sent.

(Note that artwork's appearance when framed under glass will not be as vivid as what you see here on a monitor because the light shining up here to your eyes with the color you are seeing is a direct source whereas a framed print is lighted from an external source that has to be reflected back to you off the mounted paper and also has to get thru the glazing twice before it reaches your eye. There will also be some distracting surface reflections from other room lighted objects.)

Where a listing link for Fine Art America (fineartamerica.com) is present, prints are available to purchase from there in a variety of forms for that photograph.

Where you see a link titled "File" after the name of the photograph, it is a link to a downloadable image file of the largest size of the first edit of the original photograph.

You may also want to visit my page of Framed Paintings on this site or go to my home page to see more galleries.

M1(20x28)Rock, snow, tree  
framed 24x30
M2(18.5x14.5)Bridging   File
framed 24x20
M3(13.5x17.5)MA   File
framed 17.5x21.5
a2 snow barn
M4(13.5x18)Hill farm in winter   File
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M5(14x18)Lariats   File
framed 17x21
desk top
M7(14x17)Desktop   File
framed 16x20
Photography Prints
seat leaves vertical
M8{19.7x15)Seat leaves vertical   File
spring hill farm
M9(11.5x16)Hill farm in spring   File
framed 17.5x21.5
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M10(14x21)Hilltop hayfield     File
framed 17x25
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car tire
M11(13x21)Car tire  File
framed 17.5x25
silo barn hill
M12(14x20) Plain farm  
framed 19x26
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M13 (13.5x22.5)Dam Fortress   File
framed 19x28
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plains farm in snow
M14 (15x23.3)Plain farm in winter   File
framed 18x27
M15 (13x18.75) Twilight   File
framed 17x21.5
red barn
M16 (14x8.5) Red barn tires   File
framed 16x12

M17 (13.86x20) Trash Flower   File
framed 21x25
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M18 (14.4x23.7) Rocks2  
framed 20x28
tie, spikes and can
M19 (17x25) Ties, spikes, can  File
M20 (23x16) Red Line
framed 26x18
misty valley (grayday)
M21 (16.5x23.5) Misty valley
framed 21x28
seat leaves diagonal)
M22 (12x15)Seat Leaves Diagonal   File
framed 22x25
trash with net
M24 (14.5x20.5) Trashury   File
framed 20x26