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Photography by Canon EOS Rebel T2i-550D 18 Megapixel with a Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS lens (CZ), or Sigma 70-300mm f1.4-5.6 lens (SZ), or Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4 (CF).
Picture # pixel width/height size in megabytes
2016A 4480X2699(CZ) 3.33MB
2016B 4789X3109(CZ) 5.13MB
2016C 4935X3118(CF) 5.13MB
2016D 5184X3456(SZ) 3.9MB
2016E 4935X3529(SZ) 4.57MB
2016F 5184X3456(SZ) 3.72MB
2016G 5184X3456(SZ) 3.36MB
2016H 5060X3247(CZ) 7.36MB
2016I 5162X3379(CZ) 5.92MB
2016J 5040X2972(CZ) 1.29MB
2016K 5184X3456(CZ+close-up lenses 1X,3X) 3.45MB
2016L 5184X3456(CZ) 6.71MB
2016M 5040X3004(CZ) 4.92MB
2016N 4701X2740(CZ) 4.53MB
2016O 5184x3456(CZ) 2.94MB

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